Site Plan Program

Welcome to ELLA's Site Plan training Program webpage.  The information on this page is intended for participants in ELLA's 8-month training program on how to read and interpret site plans.

The schedule for the course is (all sessions will be from 9am – 1pm at Cliffdale (57 Teatown Rd., Croton-on-Hudson, NY)):

June 2 – Wetlands with Bruce Barber 
June 16 – Biodiversity with Gretchen Stevens of Hudsonia 
July 21 – Stormwater with Barbara Kendall of the Hudson River Watershed Alliance 
August 18 - Conservation Planning with Ted Fink of Greenplan Associates 
September 15 – How to write an effective comment letter, Instructor(s) TBD 
October 13 – Wrap-up

The street address for the site we will be studying is: 109 South White Rock Rd. Holmes, NY

Workshop #1: An Introduction to Site Plans (held on 4/21/12)

Existing Conditions Map:  EX-1

Soils and Slopes Map:  SS-1

Aerial Photograph: AM-1

Online Resources for CACs:  Online%20Resources%20for%20CAC

Presentation by John Watson of Insite Engineering:  Teatown-ELLA%20Presentation

Workshop #2:  Wetlands and Watercourses (held on 6/2/12)

Incorrect Wetlands Delineation: WL-1

Correct Wetlands Delineation: WL-2

National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) Digital Data: NWI%20Map

DEC Digital Data: DEC%20Map

Presentation by Bruce Barber: Teatown-presentation%20a6-2-12

Workshop #3: Biodiversity (held on 6/16/12)

Presentation by Gretchen Stevens of Hudsonia: Site%20Plans%20and%20Biodiversity

Site Plan Procedures:  Procedures%20for%20Site%20Plan%20Review

Conservation Recommendations: General%20Conservation%20Measures

DEC Digital Data for Site: DEC%20Biodiv%20Map

DEC Biodiversity Map for Region: SBA%20map

Workshop #4: Stormwater (held on 7/21/12)

Presentation Overview:  ELLA Training 2012 Stormwater Kendall_revised

Presentation by Barbara Kendall of the Hudson River Watershed Alliance:  Teatown Lake Site Plan Training 7_21_12

Workshop #5: Conservation Planning (held on 8/18/12)

Presentation by Ted Fink:  Conservation-Design-ELLA-sm

Brochure on Conservation Subdivision Process: Conservation Subdivision Process

Site Map Identifying Environmental Constraints: Constraints map