Name of Commision/Board: 
Pleasantville Conservation Advisory Council
Point of Contact: 
Helen Meurer
Email / Phone: 914-769-1561
Number of Members: 
6: Libby, Lisa, Doug, Jennifer, Tom, Helen. Occasional: Anjali, JD, Malcolm
Primary Responsibilities: 
Nannahagan Sanctuary - ConEd reparations. Street trees. 50-50 trees. Planning review (advisory only). Outreach - home composting, trees. Environmental issues (eg homeowner with pesticide probs)
Key Issues in Community: 
Open space Wetland – weak ordinance (50’ buffer only) No steep slope ordinance Hard to convince village trustees and other officials of value of open space, wetlands, trees Being heard
Goals for 2014: 
continue planting in Nannahagen, monitor new continue planting in Nannahagen, Nannahagen path – work with cross country team? Street trees – try to work with DPW for the right tree in the right place File open space index Present open space index Improve Wetlands ordinance monitor new chestnut saplings (involved in experiment with blight resistant chestnut)