Name of Commision/Board: 
Conservation Advisory Council
Point of Contact: 
Carol Capobianco, Chair
Email / Phone:
Number of Members: 
Primary Responsibilities: 
To prepare and maintain an inventory and map of open spaces, streams, floodplains, wetlands, steep slopes; To help build awareness and support for the management and protection of Peekskill’s natural resources and parks, which may include recommendations for environmental ordinances; review of Environmental Impact Statements, review of site plans and special permits for land use projects, advising the City on policy matters related to the protection of natural resources and the overall quality of the environment in Peekskill, and advising the City Manager on administrative matters related to the protection of natural resources and the environment in the City. To be a source of public information in the City and to foster increased understanding of conservation and environmental issues. To organize volunteers for conservation projects as needed. To identify funding opportunities for conservation projects.
Key Issues in Community: 
"Flooding. Erosion of steep slopes. Development of steep slopes. Protection of open spaces. Stream restoration. "
Goals for 2014: 
Continue to develop Open Space and Wetlands inventory as mandated in Chapter 24 of the City Code. -Draft Steep Slope Law as the first step in assessing environmental ordinances needed to protect the natural resources of the City. -Monitor and maintain restoration site of MacGregory Brook while the young plants are still getting established. -Participate in the annual cleanup of City parks. -Sponsor a public education outreach program on a conservation issue. -Advise Common Council on conservation issues and development impact as they arise throughout the year. -Research native plants initiative.