Mount Pleasant

Name of Commision/Board: 
Town of Mount Pleasant, Conservation Advisory Council
Point of Contact: 
Steven Kavee
Email / Phone:, 914 762 4700 , official business should go through the Town Clerk
Number of Members: 
Primary Responsibilities: 
Primary responsibilities (review of development proposals, wetlands permits, public education, etc.) All wetlands permit applications are by code sent to the CAC for review. As a policy outlined in a joint meeting between the CAC and Planning Board about 4 years ago, the CAC is invited to review and comment on applications before the board and offer specific information on environmental impact, mitigation measures, conservation of natural resources and other issues related to natural resource protection. Pubic education is also a part of CAC responsibilities and toward that goal the CAC has begun a series of speakers at the Mount Pleasant Library
Key Issues in Community: 
smart development that includes LID green infrastructure, open space preservation, green energy options and growth sensitive to protection of natural resources. All development applicants are encouraged to use native plants and eliminate non native plants in landscaping plans
Goals for 2014: 
continuing the speaker program to encourage residents to use native plants, recycle, compost and offer other action options that individual home owners and business owners can do to protect the planet. An ongoing goal has been a large parcel/open space inventory.