E-Tool Kit

Aerial Photos
Google EarthBasic version is free through Google.  Great program for scrolling quickly across landscape.  Can measure linear distances and look at topography.  Can measure various shapes with higher (paid) versions.
NY Interactive Mapping GatewayGood quality aerial images of NY State.  Can download and save information.
Bing MapsOffers aerial photographs with a “Bird’s Eye” feature.  This feature gives extreme close-ups that you can rotate.
Parcel Viewers

Westchester Interactive Mapping

Dutchess County Parcel Access

Parcel data, natural resources, transportation, aerial photos, etc.

Shows parcel boundaries over aerial photo.

Ulster County Parcel ViewerParcel boundaries, streams, NYS wetlands, NWI wetlands, etc.
Wetlands and Streams
(DEC and NWI data are limited and DO NOT identify all wetlands in a given area.)
DEC’s Environmental Resource MapperProvides information on DEC classified streams, regulated wetlands and adjacent areas.  General information on permit procedures is also provided.
NWI Wetlands MapperIdentifies wetlands regulated by the federal government (Army Corps of Engineers).  Provides information on the types of wetlands and allows you to print maps as PDFs.
Rare Species
DEC’s Environmental Resource MapperProvides general location information on rare species and significant natural communities.
DEC’s Nature ExplorerContains listings of birds, reptiles, amphibians, rare animals, rare plants, and significant natural communities in each county.
DEC’s Endangered Species WebsiteProvides information on state-listed species in NY.
New York Natural Heritage Program’s Conservation GuidesThese guides for rare plants and animals and significant natural communities are an excellent resource that provides detailed information of these resources as well as conservation recommendations.
The New York Field Office of the US Fish and Wildlife ServiceProvides detailed information on the steps that are required to be taken to determine if a proposed project will impact a federally-listed species.  Also provides lists of federally-listed species by County.
Watersheds and Water Quality
Nonpoint Source Assessment of Lower Hudson River WatershedsCompiled by local Conservation Districts, this report provides water quality information and management recommendations for each major stream’s watershed.
DEC’s Priority Waterbodies ListProvides details on water quality impairments, studies and best uses for stream segments and waterbodies. 
NRCS Web Soil SurveyGenerates soil maps for specific areas and provides information on drainage classes of soil types and suitability of soils for various purposes.
Critical Environmental AreasLists Critical Environmental Areas designated by municipalities.
Hudson River Estuary Wildlife and Habitat Conservation FrameworkIdentifies significant biodiversity areas and provides information and conservation recommendations.