Point of Contact: 
Carl Stone
Email / Phone: 
845-628-1500 x 190 /
Number of Members: 
Primary Responsibilities: 
generally we are charged with protecting wetlands within the Town and issuing Town wetlands permits and Tree Cutting permits. We review any project plans that have disturbance or potential disturbance within a Town Wetland (any area with key wetland characteristics, soil type flora and fauna etc) or the 100 ft Town Wetland Buffer around such an area. We promote smart and green development practices in all our reviews. Projects range from building a deck to large subdivisions, commercial projects etc.
Key Issues in Community: 
Primary issues in the community for us are stormwater management and watershed protection, enforcement, and growth and development.  Pretty typical for the area.  We do not have specific Goals per se.   Rather we seek to minimize impact of planned projects and encourage applicants to incorporate green development practices particularly for stormwater management, on all projects that come before us. We try to make gains when we can for prior activities when the opportunity presents itself. By this I mean we don’t simply require that stormwater from new impervious be handled but if possible try to include better treatment or management of existing stormwater from a site when the conditions are favorable for it and the applicant is willing and able to do so.